The. 2020’s. – Lockdown

Nothing happened. Or did it? ………………… click on the navigation links above. A dream (a dusty old garage? Stacey’s; duh.). One day soon….counting down.

2017 – New Adventures

We’re off to Italy this year. Have not been since touristing in 2002; probably much has changed (It and us!) . Should be interesting. Keep on Saab’ing!

2016 – Say What?

Wowo, where did 3 years go? Oh. We moved; to Maple Ridge. Had to escape the traffic of Vancouver. We hope to do a lot of karting this year; see how that goes.

2015 – Winnipeg Trip

Our road trip to our niece Christina’s wedding in Winnipeg took us to Harrison Hotsprings, Radium Hotsprings, Drumheller’s Tyrell Dinosaur Museum, Medicine Hat to Anne-Marie’s Aunt, then “glamping” in Yellowstone Park, off to Fargo, and finally to Winnipeg. The road home was A straight shot back via Calgary.

2013 – France

Why Europe? Why 6 mo? This all started when I attended a friends 50th birthday party; going golfing and drinking beer. I thought “I’d like to do something different when I turn 50.” So I sent out an e-mail to many friends presenting/looking for ideas: the response was underwhelming (maybe the shock of THEM turning … [Read more…]