Europe 2013

Why  Europe? Why 6 mo?

This all started when I attended a friends 50th birthday party; going golfing and drinking beer. I thought “I’d like to do  something different when I turn 50.”  So I sent out an e-mail to many friends presenting/looking for ideas: the response was underwhelming (maybe the shock of THEM turning 50 hit them).

So my wife Anne-Marie says, “let travel the world”, and the World 2013 trip idea was born. That was 2010. So for the past 3 years, we’ve been planning and saving and scheming and compromising to pull this off; and we did, we’re really here.

The end result of all of our ideas turned into 6 months in France. Why France?
Anne-Marie loves France, speaks French (and Italian & Spanish), and we want our son Hudson to learn too. [and I (Stacey) want to learn another language before I kick.]

So have fun looking at the pictures: it’s been allot of work to get here.

(To see the pictures (and Driving Maps), select from the drop-down menu above)

PS  There are 4400 pictures and 230 movies (who’s got time for that?). We’ve created the “Quick-Tour” for those people who have a life (i.e. less time) :-).